Move-A-Day BJJ : learn a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move every day!

Move-A-Day BJJ : learn a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move every day!

Portuguese Vocabulary List

While it is not a requirement to learn Portuguese for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I have found it entirely helpful when it comes to communicating with my instructor and some of my training partners.  Additionally, if you compete, it’s helpful to understand what other coaches are telling their Brazilian students to do… especially when they are competing against you!

After looking around, it seemed to me that the Rosetta Stone program for learning Portuguese was the best, and my wife was kind enough to purchase the program for me as a gift.  (Thanks, Mar.)  I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process with this program.  While I still have much to learn, after completing the Rosetta Stone program, one native speaker has told me that I am a “blue belt in Portuguese.” :-D

I really like Rosetta Stone, but I was unable to find a vocabulary list that accompanied the learning process. I searched the web, but nobody seems to have compiled one… until now. :^)

Below is my list of vocabulary for the Rosetta Stone Portuguese program. This list is not endorsed in any way by Rosetta Stone or anybody else. These are just my notes, and I’m sharing them to try and be helpful to others. All the units are noted, but there may be some errors or repetitions.  (I didn’t proofread the list.)

Muito obrigado. Espero que voces gostam.


Portuguese Vocabulary List for Rosetta Stone